How do I get games (such as Tetris) on my TI-84 Plus silver edition Calculator?

Answer u need to download mirage os onto ur calc. its kinda like a folder for all ur games so you get that then go APPS, Mirage OS, then press enter where it says MAIN, all ur games should be there

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How could i put tetris in my TI-84 Plus Graphing calculator?

One of the best versions of Tetris for the TI-84+ is called ZTris, which can be downloaded here:…After you've downloaded it, extract the .zip file and the... Read More »

How can I reset my ti-84 plus silver edition?

First, turn it on. Once the calculator is on, press the "2ND" key (I believe it is a blue key in the ti-84 plus silver edition). Now press the plus key (+). A little above that key, you should see ... Read More »

Instructions for the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition?

The TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is a graphics calculator that can be used for mathematics -- from pre-algebra to calculus -- and the sciences, including chemistry, biology and physics. This calculato... Read More »

TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Help!!?

delete the games and see if its back to normal. if not, then you may need to reset your calculator. i'm pretty sure that its by holding down the "on" and "clear" keys