Comments about free Microsoft points?

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How to Get Microsoft Points?

You can get Microsoft Points to use as currency in the Xbox Live Marketplace. These points can give you an enhanced gaming experience by allowing you to use more maps, skins, levels, weapons and ot... Read More »

How to Add Microsoft Points With a Credit Card?

Microsoft Points are used to purchase games, expansion packs and novelty items for your Xbox 360 avatar. This system allows parents to buy the points and then let children spend them as they like i... Read More »

How to Make a PayPal Payment for Microsoft Points?

Xbox Live offers a variety of games, themes and avatar accessories for users to download. Although some of these items are free, others cost varying amounts of Microsoft Points. If your account doe... Read More »

Can I import a map into microsoft excel, and plot points on it?

Yes, you can. (The exact steps involved will depend on the version of MS-Excel that you are using.)Since you did not give any details as to the "map" in question, I will have to assume it to be a ... Read More »