How do I get fleas out of my house?

Answer Adult fleas lay up to 400 eggs during their life cycle and only make up about five percent of the total flea population. Therefore, if you have fleas in your house, it is almost certain you have eg... Read More »

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How do I get rid of house fleas?

Vacuum the Entire HouseVacuum your entire house, including carpets and underneath furniture. Use a hand held attachment to vacuum curtains, and crevices where the walls meet. Dispose of the vacuum ... Read More »

How to Use Borax for Fleas in the House?

Borax is a white powdery mineral often used as a laundry aid and a pool water balancer. Borax may be used to help clean clothing and other fabrics, but it is also used as an insecticide. Borax is e... Read More »

Natural Way to Get Rid of Fleas in My House?

Finding out you have fleas in the house is frightening. Not only do fleas feed on the blood of your pets, they also bite humans as well. You must get rid of fleas inside the home after you have got... Read More »

A Safe Way to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House?

Fleas are small, parasitic insects that thrive on the blood of warm-blooded animals. These insects will feed from household pets and humans alike. They bite their hosts to feed and these bites are ... Read More »