How do I get files from one computer to another to use offline?

Answer Transfer to a Flash DriveInsert a flash drive into a USB port on your computer. Click on your "My Computer" icon and click on "Removable Disk" to open the folder for your flash drive. Leave that fo... Read More »

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How do i transfer files from one computer to another computer using a usb cable?

Process for Transfering Files From One Computer to Another Computer Using a USB CableConnect the universal serial bus (USB) cable on both of the computers that you will be using for the transfer of... Read More »

How can i access my computer files from another computer?

There are two ways to access computer files on one computer from another computer, using network technology. Both methods require broadband service; one method is free and included in Windows, but ... Read More »

How to Transfer Big Files From One Computer to Another?

While there are multiple ways to transfer big files between computers, two of the more common methods include transfer via data DVD or USB flash drive. A data DVD is intended to hold files, not be ... Read More »

How can I transfer files etc from one computer to another?

1. Burn CDs and transfer data to your laptop.2. Use a USB drive to transfer data to and fro between your computers.3. Use a cross cable but it's a bit technical ..also you will need to configure i... Read More »