How do I get dog hair out of my pool?

Answer Animal hair in a pool is a major annoyance and surprisingly difficult to remove unless you know how. With the right technique and equipment, you can take dog hair (as well as other kinds) out of an... Read More »

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How to Determine Which Pool Algaecide and Pool Clarifier Is Best for Your Swimming Pool?

Most pool supply distributors offer an astounding selection of algaecides and clarifiers for your swimming pool, and if you do not understand how they work, or what their uses are, it can be diffic... Read More »

How to Keep Your Hair Dry in the Pool?

Swimming pools are full of chemicals that keep the water bacteria-free and safe for swimming. These chemicals are essential for keeping the pool clean and free of disease, but they can be very dama... Read More »

Will my hair dye fade/ come out in a pool?

My hair turns green when i go ina pool or a hot yub?

Use So Silver, or Shimmer Lights, (you will find them in beauty supply stores) and coat your hair in conditioner when in the water.