How do I get certified as an arborist in Maine?

Answer Get EducatedThere are two main ways to gain the knowledge and experience of an arborist. One way is through a college degree. The other way is through apprenticeship or working with an arborist. Th... Read More »

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How Do I Get My Arborist License in Maine?

Arborists are trained to help maintain the growth and health of trees. Correct care of trees can add to a property's monetary value and the physical beauty of a home or land. The state of Maine rec... Read More »

The Prevailing Wage for a Certified Arborist?

Certified arborists are professional tree trimmers and pruners who care for and improve the appearance of trees by removing dead branches and trimming the healthy ones. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Sta... Read More »

Job Description of an Arborist?

An arborist, also called a tree doctor, diagnoses, treats, and maintains trees for clients. The definition of an arborist includes one with specific knowledge to identify pests and diseases known t... Read More »

How to Find a Job in the Arborist Field?

Arborists can be employed by all types of businesses and institutions, including landscaping companies, research universities, cities and private corporations. Arborists care for trees and help adv... Read More »