How do I get cash for credit problems?

Answer According to, credit card debt in America reached $963 billion in January 2009. The convenience of credit, plus enticing low interest rates and low monthly payments, makes it easy to fa... Read More »

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How Do I Get Cash From My Credit Card?

Credit cards are usually used to pay for items or services purchased on or offline. Credit card holders may also use their credit cards to obtain a cash advance. Account holders usually can get cas... Read More »

What is cash back on credit?

To attract customers, credit card companies offer cash-back incentives. Under these plans, card holders may receive up to 5 percent of the value of their purchases as a rebate, either credited to t... Read More »

Do I need cash or credit cards?

On One Hand: Cash Has Real ValueCash is accepted at virtually every physical location in the U.S. There are no limitations to its usage, or dependencies on technology. Small amounts of cash are eas... Read More »

Can you get cash advances on credit cards?

Credit cards typically allow a cardholder to obtain cash advances from the available line of credit on his card. According to, obtaining a cash withdrawal is usually as simple as us... Read More »