How do I get blood outta me-cut myself- without making it hurt?

Answer Yahoo Answers does not exist to help you harm yourself. If you need to see blood, I recommend watching a TV reality show about the E.R.

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I am a diabetic, how can I get my blood levels normal without having to starve myself?

I've been on that myself for nearly two years. My blood glucose started at that level and over the course of a few months, it dropped to near 110. I do have the occasional high reading when I'm n... Read More »

Blowing blood outta my nose!! HELP!!!?

that is common over the winter months. the air is really dry and you are probably all dry and cracked inside your nose and sinus'. Best bet is to get a humidifier while you sleep. It will really... Read More »

Why do drinks outta bottles taste different than drinks outta cans?

Because they are contained in different materials. The metallic taste goes into drinks in cans, and a plastic taste goes into the ones in bottles. I don't think the ones in glass bottles would be... Read More »

How to not hurt myself ?

Dude, take it easy. You aren't going to become Arnie overnight - just concentrate on being fit, not on having huge muscles.Chicks dig that more anyway.