Why do my muscles?

Answer Nerve problems. Please dont listen to others talking ****. They just trying to scare you. Go see neurologist. It will make you feel better and you will definitely know what is wrong and how to fix ... Read More »

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How to Relax Muscles?

Many people after a long, hard day at work need to relax and distress their tense muscles so read on to discover how to relax and enjoy.

Pulled Muscles?

Yes, sometimes it's quite easy to pull a muscle. A pulled rib muscle is one of the most painful, because the muscles wrap around the front and back of your body . place a heating pad or hot towel... Read More »

How to Get Major Muscles?

If your having trouble gaining major muscles, you need to read this.

How to Get Rid of Sore Muscles?

Muscle soreness occurs in microscopic tearing of your muscle fibers when working out (usually at a high intensity). This causes inflammation, swelling and pain in your muscles, which adds more pres... Read More »