How do I get better cell phone reception at home?

Answer A common complaint among cell phone users is the inconvenience experienced because of a dropped call. At a time when many households are eliminating traditional land lines in favor of cell phones, ... Read More »

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How can i get better reception on my cell phone in my home?

There is nothing worse then moving into a new home or buying a new cell phone and realizing the two won't work together due to poor reception. But all is not lost: there are a number of ways to rem... Read More »

How do i get better cell phone reception?

Getting clear reception is an issue for many cell phone users. Even those with the latest models occasionally deal with reduced clarity during a call. There are several options one might try to fix... Read More »

Which cell phone has the best reception?

On One Hand: The Provider Matters MoreWhen choosing a cell phone, choosing the right provider is more important than the actual phone itself. According to, companies like Sprint, Verizon, ... Read More »

How to Improve Cell Phone Reception?

Over the past 20 years cell phone ownership has increased massively, to the point where over 80% of the world's population has cell phone coverage. The technology needed to provide adequate signal ... Read More »