How do I get better cell phone reception at home?

Answer A common complaint among cell phone users is the inconvenience experienced because of a dropped call. At a time when many households are eliminating traditional land lines in favor of cell phones, ... Read More »

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How can i get better reception on my cell phone in my home?

There is nothing worse then moving into a new home or buying a new cell phone and realizing the two won't work together due to poor reception. But all is not lost: there are a number of ways to rem... Read More »

How do i get better cell phone reception?

Getting clear reception is an issue for many cell phone users. Even those with the latest models occasionally deal with reduced clarity during a call. There are several options one might try to fix... Read More »

Do different cell phones get better reception?

On One Hand: Design MattersOne of the design features of any cell phone is the antenna. Generally, this is hidden within the case of the phone, and the longer the antenna, the better reception you ... Read More »

How do I improve cell phone reception?

Check your battery. Often a low battery can cause your phone to lose reception. Make sure your phone has a good charge. You may also want to wait until you are away from loud commuting noises such ... Read More »