How do I get bats out of my house?

Answer Bats are normally associated with caves, vampires and Halloween festivities. The truth is that bats don't just live in caves. In fact, they can dwell in any damp, dark place, and there are bat popu... Read More »

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How do I remove bats from the walls of my house?

It will take you about 10 day to get rid of all the bats in your house. you will need lots of silicone caulk some expandable foam, a roll of duct tape and some bird netting. First step....... Find ... Read More »

Are Composite Bats Better Than Aluminium Bats?

Creating a pet shelter requires extensive planning and fundraising. Everything must be prepared, built and in place before the shelter is opened for business. The planning process includes determin... Read More »

Can my putting a modestly sized addition on my house diminish the value of my neighbor's house assuming it matches the existing house?

Given your categorization of this question, one must assume that you are both members of an association. Associations are run according to governing documents. So long as your addition is added acc... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Bats?

Bats are actually beneficial to have around, as they eat thousands of nasty bugs such as mosquitoes. However, if the bats are nesting some place where they don't belong, such as your attic, this is... Read More »