How do I get baked-on food off a cookie sheet?

Answer Use Dryer SheetsWet a fabric softener dryer sheet, and place it directly on the baked-on food. Use several dryer sheets, if necessary, to completely cover all of the baked-on food on your cookie sh... Read More »

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How do I clean sticky baked-on grease from a cookie sheet?

Spray oven cleaner on the sticky cookie sheet. Wait 15 minutes for the cleaner to penetrate. Wipe the cookie sheet with a dry paper towel. Rinse the sheet clean with tap water.Source:Home Furnish: ... Read More »

Which cleaning product is the best to take off baked on grease from a cookie sheet?

EASY OFF!!! It's the best for baked on grease. get the one that you can use without heat. Spray it on leave it sit for several minutes and wash off.

What is a cookie sheet?

Just as there are many varieties of pots and pans, there are many types of bakeware. A cookie sheet is a popular type of baking pan that is more versatile than its name implies.Formal DefinitionA c... Read More »

What can I use instead of a cookie sheet?

Any sort of flat pan or baking sheet will work. A pizza pan, a large cake pan, a broiler pan.