How do I get around the Baracuda web filter 410, here at work.?

Answer You want to use what's called a proxy server. You tell your browser to send requests to it, and it forwards those requests. There are nominal fees for decent ones online, but you can also set one u... Read More »

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Is there any way to get around the web content filter on my work computer?…Approved by AAM™ industries,and also most of the trolls as a permanent(and free) solution.

Any eBayers around here?

How much i need to pay to take Sony Bravia LCD tv to india from Muscatwhich is around 30,000 here.?

*** CAUTION ***Be very cautious and check and double check before you take such a decision.It will be very expensive and you'll have to deal with those blood sucking customs officials in India.Plus... Read More »

It's been so dark and gloomy around here. When will Lampcrotch girl come and brighten things up?

They keep disabling my avatar. It makes no sense to me!!! It's just a lamp that I got from Yahoo!! WTF???!!!! AAAIIIGGGGHHHHGGGYYAAA!!!!I fixed it AGAIN, but I don't know for how long.