How do I get around open enrollment for health insurance?

Answer For some, open enrollment is a time of year to look forward to. During open enrollment we can make changes to benefit plans, add members to our plan, take some off or do away with it all together. ... Read More »

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Can an employee drop their health insurance coverage when it isn't their open enrollment to join their spouses coverage at their spouses open enrollment?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign u... Read More »

How can health insurance be cancelled when it is not open enrollment?

Many reasons. Most commonly, for not paying the monthly premium on time (or at all). Another reason could be falsifying information on the initial application for insurance.

Why does health insurance have open enrollment periods?

In the United States, people purchase health insurance through their employer. Rather than collect 100 checks from 100 individuals, the health insurance companies collect one check from the employe... Read More »

What does open enrollment in a health plan mean?

Employers who provide health insurance generally offer an annual open-enrollment period to their employees, so they may apply for new coverage or modify existing coverage. Insurance providers are r... Read More »