How do I get an FM signal in a steel building?

Answer Steel buildings are continuing to increase in popularity because of their lower construction costs and durability. But those who work or live in a steel building may find that the structure can int... Read More »

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Does a cement&steel building withstand earthquakes better than a wood&cement building?

Buildings using cement and steel in their framing have the highest ductility or resistance to breaking over that of wood and cement, according to the general rules and parameters for structural cla... Read More »

How do I boost an FM signal in a building?

FM signals are picked up by Fm receivers designed specifically to look for a certain set of frequencies. When an FM receiver is in a building, the antenna that picks up the signal becomes even more... Read More »

How to Build a House Out of a Steel Building?

Creating a house from a steel building will require talking with city officials to learn about restrictions. While constructing a house in this manner can be cost-effective and practical, don't beg... Read More »

How much does a steel building cost?

The price of a steel building depends upon its size and where it is purchased. The cost can range from just over $11,000 for small steel outbuildings to millions or more for large steel buildings.S... Read More »