How do I get acrylic paint stains out of fabric?

Answer Quick Attention to StainTreat an acrylic paint stain while it is still wet for the best chance of removing it.Use Rubbing AlcoholRub a small quantity of rubbing alcohol onto the paint with a clean ... Read More »

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Apple Barrel acrylic paint on fabric?

Most paint does not wash off in the clothes washer if the item is washed using the Cold water setting and then hung to air dry. However, some paint does.The best way to know is to test it yourself... Read More »

How much acrylic paint do I need to paint 7m x 3m fabric?

One litre of paint covers 12 square meters, you are looking at two litres for one coat or four litres for two coats. Hint, if you call in at a paint store or B&Q they will have a "mistint" pile whe... Read More »

How to Remove the Paint Stains From Fabric?

Different kinds of paints can adhere to the fibers of fabric in very different ways. Sometimes you can remove the paint from fabric simply by putting the garment into the laundry machine. But oil- ... Read More »

How Do I Remove Wine, Paint and Hair Dye Stains from Fabric?

It is disappointing when something spills on a fabric, resulting in a stain. However, if you act quickly, you can often remove the stains before they set. Wine, paint and hair dye stains are common... Read More »