How do I get a scanned document into Word using MiraScan?

Answer To get it in as text, you need OCR (optical character recognition) software. If not OCR software came with your scanner, and you don't have any, you'll need to install something like AbbyyFineReade... Read More »

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Well i have scanned a document using a scanner,how can i make it editable i.e a word document which i can edit?

Pretty simple, you need an OCR application. It will convert the image into text file. Download from here:

How to Turn a Scanned Document Into Microsoft Word Document?

If you have Word 2007 or newer, you can use it to edit scanned text, which is much faster than typing the whole thing from scratch. To enable this feature and convert a scanned document to editable... Read More »

How do you edit a scanned document in Word ?

you could try this >>… or here >>…

How do I convert a scanned document to Word?

Open Microsoft Office document imaging. Select "File" then "Open." Find the scanned file in the directory where the scanning program saved the file. Select "Open." Press "CTRL" and "A" simultaneous... Read More »