How do I get a purchase money mortgage letter?

Answer A purchase money mortgage is a type of seller financing. Typically, a purchase money mortgage is used when the buyer of the property cannot obtain enough of a mortgage from a bank or lending instit... Read More »

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How to Foreclose on a Purchase-Money Mortgage?

If you hold a private purchase-money mortgage on a home and the borrower is default, you may, if the contract allows, legally foreclose and evict the homeowner. However, you must follow the contrac... Read More »

Purpose of a Purchase Money Mortgage?

The purpose of a purchase money mortgage is to purchase a home. It can be used with a borrower giving a mortgage to the bank with a portion of the sale price coming from the seller in the form of ... Read More »

How does a purchase money mortgage work?

You may want to consider a purchase money mortgage if you are having trouble getting approved for a traditional loan. This type of mortgage allows a seller to finance all or a portion of the mortga... Read More »

What is a mortgage commitment letter?

A mortgage commitment letter is a written notification that lenders use to inform borrowers they will receive a loan. The letter contains specific information, including the loan amount, the approv... Read More »