How do I get a prepaid debit card?

Answer A prepaid debit card is a reloadable, instant payment card. A prepaid debit card differs from a prepaid store card or a gift card in that it contains a Visa or MasterCard logo, allowing you to use ... Read More »

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How do i use a prepaid debit card in an atm?

Find Card PIN NumberLocate the personal identification number (PIN) that is attached to the debit card. If the card was issued with no PIN, contact the prepaid debit card provider to request a PIN ... Read More »

Can I use a prepaid debit card from the US in Rome?

Yes, you can use a prepaid debit card internationally. Before purchasing, be sure to contact the issuing bank to notify the staff that you plan to use it overseas, as they might think foreign charg... Read More »

How to Add Funds to a Prepaid Debit Card?

While credit card usage is declining in the United States, the popularity of debit and prepaid debit cards is rising. In 2009, total credit card transactions fell by four percent, while debit and p... Read More »

How do I add a check to a prepaid debit card?

Mail Paper Check Or Money OrderLocate the website for the debit card, and get the deposit mailing address, to deposit a paper check or money order. Simply complete a deposit form with the account i... Read More »