How do I get a phone call history from MetroPCS?

Answer A phone call history for your MetroPCS phone is useful to have in many different situations, whether you want to track your child's cell phone use or locate a phone number that you didn't save at t... Read More »

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How to Get a Call History Made From My Home Phone?

A call history is a record of incoming and outgoing phone numbers associated with a particular phone line. A call history record typically includes the duration of each call, the location and the c... Read More »

How to change a bad ESN from a Metropcs phone?

NO, the ESN is the ID or serial number of the phone itself, LOL, it cannot be changed. There is no cost, the phone cannot be used on Metro PCS due to a bad ESN. Once a phone is on the bad ESN list... Read More »

How do i intercept text messages from a metropcs phone samsung?

mine it's about metropcs…

How long does it take to get a rebate from a metropcs phone back?

I've heard of it taking over a month. call customer service and force them to give you an answer. My advice: Get on the phone, watch a movie while you are put on hold, and that way you won't get st... Read More »