How do I get a lost an icon from the taskbar on your iPhone back?

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How to Remove a Bluetooth Icon from a Taskbar?

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How to Remove a Boot Camp Icon From Windows Taskbar Using the Registry?

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I lost the icon that got me to solitaire. Other icons disappeared also. How can I get them back?

Insert your Windows CD and make the following steps:1. Click Start|Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs.2. Click on Add/Remove Windows Components button.3. Select Accessories and Utilities|Games4. C... Read More »

Can you pretend you lost your phone at the mall and get a free iphone 4 from the mall lost and found?

A) To do that would be stealing. B) The mall's lost and found would probably check that it really is your phone, they might ask for the number, and they would almost certainly ask what day you los... Read More »