How do I get a land patent?

Answer A land patent is proof of title or right of a person to the piece of land he owns. This is the document that shows that the person is the actual owner of the land. It is granted by the government. ... Read More »

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How to Find a Land Patent?

To successfully find a land patent, a titled parcel of land formerly owned by the U.S. government that was awarded to individuals for military service, you must collect relevant information before ... Read More »

How to Obtain an Original Land Patent?

To realize its manifest destiny to stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the United States began offering free land in the 19th century to pioneers willing to trek out west and settle down. The... Read More »

What is the difference between patent attorneys and patent agents?

Patent attorneys and patent agents both help inventors process patent applications, but only attorneys can represent inventors in litigation or legal transactions.The Role of Patent AttorneysAttorn... Read More »

How to Get a Patent on the Improvement of an Existing Patent?

Perhaps you've written additional code that works with an existing software program. Or you've added a feature to a kitchen tool, such as attaching a magnet to a cooking mitt. Regardless of what im... Read More »