How do I get a cork out of my rear?

Answer Go to the Emergency room.....

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How do you glue cork to cork?

You could use a hot glue gun or water based contact cement

Hit in the eye with a cork?

In the field, you close the patient's eye and tape an eyepatch over it, which will hopefully -- and gently immobilize the eye in order to prevent further damage.If any of the following are detected... Read More »

How to Cork a Wiffleball Bat?

Bored of playing regular wiffleball? Playing with a Corked Wiffleball Bat and a tennis ball is more exciting and fun. Here are the steps to cork a wiffleball bat.

How to Use MAC Cork Eyeshadow?

MAC Cork eyeshadow is a soft warm beige with yellow undertones. It complements almost any skin tone, and gives a gentle definition when applied to the crease of the eye. You can use a lighter shade... Read More »