How do I get Ravenhearst?

Answer Purchase as a direct downloadVisit the Big Fish Games website. Type "Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst" in the text field next to the "Find" button. Click "Find," then click "Mystery Case Files Ravenh... Read More »

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How many diary entries are in the Ravenhearst game?

"Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst" is a twist on the item-find genre of computer games. With 32 rooms to explore, each room containing one of the missing diary pages, there are a total of 32 diary p... Read More »

How do I solve the ballerina puzzle in Ravenhearst?

Ignore the Ballerina DollsIn the guest bathroom in Ravenhearst, there is a shelf of ballerina dolls that move if clicked. This is not a puzzle for the player to figure out. To solve the room puzzle... Read More »

Ravenhearst 2 Peacock Puzzle Hints?

“Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst,” a casual puzzle game, brings players back to Ravenhearst Manor, an isolated, coastal English estate that is haunted by a deceased nursemaid and her ... Read More »

How do I solve the dial puzzle in Return to Ravenhearst?

Solve the dial puzzle by using the arrows to move the row of numbers into the correct order. The top of the dial has a frame that can hold three numbers. By pushing the blinking heart the frame wil... Read More »