How do I fry doughnuts?

Answer Make your favorite recipe for doughnuts and cut them out according to the instructions. Heat a bland oil (like canola oil) in a cast iron pan, dutch oven or deep fryer to between 365 and 375 degree... Read More »

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Why are doughnuts called doughnuts and not doughrings?

See The History of the Donut through " "! The copy as followed:)The doughnut has existed since the begining of time. So long that archaeologists continue to unearth fossilized bits of wh... Read More »

How to Make Doughnuts?

Doughnuts can be made from a quick bread or yeast bread dough. Either way, once the dough is made, frying and sugaring the doughnuts is a snap. They are easy and cheap to make too. Instead of buyin... Read More »

What kind of oil do you use to make doughnuts?

Different types of oils are used to fry doughnuts. Extra virgin olive oil is used to cook traditional Italian potato donuts. Peanut oil or vegetable oil is used when frying sweeter varieties of dou... Read More »

How can I stop eating 20 doughnuts a day?

Sew your mouth up, or better still...Either get some self control or stop worrying about it.