How do I forward voicemails on Verizon cell phones?

Answer Sometimes, when a voice message has been received, it is helpful to forward the message to a different phone number. This can be especially useful if the message in question was left for someone el... Read More »

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How do i forward cell phone voicemails?

Press the number key to forward a voicemail either while listening to it or just after listening to it. The number key varies by carrier. Listen to the menu after hearing the voicemail to get the o... Read More »

How to Forward House Calls to Cell Phones?

In the past, waiting on a phone call meant waiting by the phone. But thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to sit by the phone when you're expecting an important phone call. If you are ex... Read More »

Do Verizon cell phones have SIM cards?

Verizon cell phones that do use SIM cards are GlobalAccess devices; however, they may or may not be accessible without the proper tools. For more information or a list of cell phones offered by Ver... Read More »

What frequency do Verizon cell phones use?

Verizon cell phone operate on the 800 Mhz band and the 1900 Mhz band. The 800 Mhz band, both digital and analog, is used mostly for voice communication. The 1900 Mhz band is used mostly for its EVD... Read More »