How do I forward my BlackBerry Curve to another phone?

Answer With all the apps, instant messaging and Internet capabilities, sometimes we forget our BlackBerry is also a phone. Enabling the call forwarding feature can come in handy if you can't get to your B... Read More »

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Which phone to get for your birthday a blackberry curve or an android touch screen phone?

What phone is better iPhone or blackberry curve 8900?

i have a blackberry and i love it but i would like an iPhone eventually i think both phones are as good as each other. People have different opinions on different things but i think you can get mor... Read More »

Is the blackberry curve 8520 a android phone?

unfortunately, the none of the BlackBerry series phones run android. This is because the company that owns BlackBerry has there own OS for the BlackBerry's. The OS for BlackBerry's tend to be more ... Read More »

How to Make the BlackBerry Curve Turn its Backlight Off While on the Phone?

If the backlight settings on your BlackBerry Curve are not set properly, you may find you are not getting as much battery life as you should be getting from each charge. In particular, if your back... Read More »