How do I format my hardrive through command prompt?

Answer format C:\if that doesnt work type format /? for other formatting commands. You can execute the command from a command while logged into Windows but cant format Windows while using it, if that make... Read More »

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Command Prompt fun codes?

tree /f is a really cool command. It displays all of the files you have on your computer. But in order for it to be able to have enough space to do the whole command, you have to set a certain prop... Read More »

How do you use command prompt to get ip address?

How to Loop a Command Prompt?

Have you ever needed to repeat a command in the command prompt window, but weren't sure how to make the command prompt perform a loop? The Windows command prompt is a useful tool that dates back to... Read More »

How to Run a Program on Command Prompt?

This is something very easy, but requires just a little bit of knowledge. Anyone can do this. It is like clicking on that picture of firefox and watching it open up, except you tell your computer t... Read More »