How do I format my hard drive completely?

Answer Boot up with Windows 7 disc. Choose format drive. Then install.

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How do I "format" (completely erase) my hard drive?

To completely erase a hard drive, therefore, you need to not only mark the sections on the hard drive as ones that can be overwritten, you need to overwrite them completely. One way to do this, wit... Read More »

How to Erase a Hard Drive Completely?

If you plan to sell, donate or give your old computer away, you will need to erase your hard drive completely. Deleting files and formatting hard drives are not permanent, as there is software that... Read More »

Help completely erasing a hard drive?

right click on your hardrive and click on Format. this will delete everything on your drive. then reinstall windows

Hard drive help completely clueless...?

An external hard drive would certainly be the easiest way to add more space. It is not that much more expensive then an internal. However, in order for it to work well you would need a USB 2.0 conn... Read More »