How do I format a write protected dvd ?

Answer just break d dvd if u wanna delete all files..or scratch it.

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How can I format a laptop that is password protected?

No matter what the situation, computers have always been designed to be able to format from the boot screen without the need of a password or login for the operating system or your BIOS. This was d... Read More »

How do I format a disk in protected mode?

Start the computer in Safe mode by tapping the "F8" key on the keyboard. Tap the key until the boot menu comes up. Select Safe mode by moving the arrow keys up or down and hitting the "Enter" key. ... Read More »

How do i convert protected music to the mp3 format?

Open the protected music program that created or downloaded the music. Every program that allows you to buy music in a protected format such as itunes or Windows Media Player also has a burn option... Read More »

How do you format password protected memory card?

This is difficult, but you could try installing a piece of software known as FExplorer. This is a free file manager that allows you to browse through the file system of the card. Once you have don... Read More »