How do I fold fitted single sheets?

Answer Stand up and hold the sheet by the two adjacent corners of the short end. Tuck each corner into the corner across from it as if it were a pocket; the sheet is now half the size it was. Fold the she... Read More »

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How Do I Fold Fitted Sheets?

Turn the fitted sheet inside out and put one hand in each of two adjoining corners.Put the corner in your right hand over the one in your left hand, turning it so its right side shows and it lays o... Read More »

How do you fold fitted bed sheets to keep them compact?

When I was little and they came out with fitted sheets I ask my mother the same question.Fold sheet in half,tuck one end of corner into other and straighten out.Do the same for the other corner. Th... Read More »

How on earth do you properly fold fitted sheets?

Everybody knows how difficult it is to fold a fitted sheet without unsightly bunching at the corners. Martha Stewart offers simple steps to folding a fitted sheet into a perfect rectangle. HOW TO F... Read More »

How do I fold fitted queen-size sheets?

Queen-sized sheets are large; start by laying your sheet across a bed or large table. Pick up the edge closest to you and put a hand in each fitted corner and reach up to the corners at the far end... Read More »