How do I fold and pack a sport coat for travel?

Answer Hold the jacket up by the center of the collar right at the top. Make the back of the jacket face you and fold the right side over to the left side and hold at the shoulder seams. Place the sleeves... Read More »

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How do I fold a sport coat for travel?

Use a Flat SurfaceSpread the sport coat on a flat surface. Turn the collar of the coat up and make sure the sleeves are straight and smoothly laid out. Be sure there are no wrinkles.No WrinklesTurn... Read More »

How do I fold a handkerchief for a sport coat?

The One PointOpen a square handkerchief on a flat surface. Fold the handkerchief in half from right to left. Fold the handkerchief again from bottom to top. Rotate the square 45 degrees clockwise s... Read More »

How do I pack a sport coat in a suitcase?

FoldingTurn the sport coat inside out, and fold the shoulders in so that the lapels are parallel to each other and the coat is folded in half once, longways. Hold your forearm horizontally, and lay... Read More »

What is the difference between a sport coat&a suit coat?

The key difference between a sport coat and a suit coat is that the latter has matching slacks. The sport coat is more versatile, spanning the gamut from casual to semiformal, while the more formal... Read More »