How do I flip homes for profit?

Answer Flipping houses is a great real estate investment that has quickly become popularized by a slew of TV shows. It involves buying a house that usually requires a bit of work, doing the work and then ... Read More »

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How to flip cars for profit?

So you or someone you know is handy with automobiles? Why not make a few bucks, or at least work your way up to a nice car?!

How to Fix & Flip Homes?

Buying a property and fixing it up for resale, or flipping, is a challenging but potentially fiscally rewarding process. Much of the effort involved in flipping is in the up-front calculations and ... Read More »

How to Find the Best Houses to Flip for a Profit?

Prospecting is a key element in the process of profitably flipping real estate. Here are some good methods of finding homes to flip profitably.

Why Is Economic Profit a Better Measure of Profit Than Accounting Profit?

Although rarely acknowledged, you can measure profit in more than one way. Sometimes numbers can deceive you, and this is the case when it comes to accounting profit, which merely shows profit on t... Read More »