How do I fix the brightness of my computer monitor?

Answer You may be able to set it with your video card.Right click on your desktop,click settings,then advanced.It should be there somewhere if it's available.

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Would using the computer with dimmer monitor brightness help save power?

Yes when u decrese the brightness and contrast the power consumption level of the monitor goes down, however the power consumption of a Computer also depends upon the usage of the computer, the hig... Read More »

Anybody know how to change the brightness on a monitor of a laptop?

How do I Adjust the Brightness of a Monitor on an Inspiron 15 Laptop?

The default brightness settings on the Dell Inspiron 15 renders the screen virtually invisible under certain lighting conditions, while making it too bright in other settings. Fortunately, turning ... Read More »

Monitor suddenly loses brightness on laptop?

From my understanding, a dimmer screen is a power saving feature on a laptop. A laptop in sleep mode is still using a good amount of it's full power especially in battery mode. The extended monitor... Read More »