How do I fix peeling paint on a window sill?

Answer Use a 2-inch putty knife to scrape away loose paint. Place a sheet of 100-grit sandpaper on a palm sander, and sand the peeled area smooth. You can also use a 100-grit sanding block to sand the win... Read More »

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What can I decorate my window sill with?

something antique ..maybe a buddha figure. or a small sculpture would be nice..or a nice vase.. with artificial flowers in it. or your family pictures framedtell your cats not to go sit there :P

How to Remove a Window Sill?

Windows let in light and air and remind us that the world is a much bigger place than our stuffy little rooms. From time to time, they also require repairs. A split sill can cause a window to leak,... Read More »

DIY How to Fix a Wood Window Sill?

A split, cracked or simply weathered window sill can detract from an otherwise beautiful window. The sill--or lower horizontal wood plate--extends into the room creating a target for impacts and ot... Read More »

My outside window sill is falling off please help!?

This type of casement window should have inner & outer channels with tracks, held in place by rails. (wooden or aluminum based on the construction of the window)The little hellions, of course have ... Read More »