How do I fix my portable computer?

Answer Cyborg, hi. What Operating System are you running on this 'Mobile Computer' you have? I mean, is it Win 7 or Win 8 and if its 8 what version.Anyway, all them ads ........ you have to set up the com... Read More »

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Why would you want to get a desktop computer when you could get a portable laptop computer?

cause the desktop has more bang for the buck and is upgradable

How to Run a Portable Computer Without the Battery?

Running a laptop without the battery offers a number of advantages---your computer will operate exactly the same without the battery installed, while also consuming about 20 percent less power (a b... Read More »

The Difference Between a Laptop & a Portable Computer?

Computer users often get confused with pseudo-homonym terms that should not always be used interchangeably. One common example is the assuming that "portable computer" always refers to laptop. The ... Read More »

Can 2 portable hard drives be used on 1 computer?

Yes, you can connect two portable, or external, hard drives to one computer. Many portable hard drives connect to computers through a USB port, therefore you can connect as many external hard driv... Read More »