How do I fix my live news feed so I don't see mafia wars, etc?

Answer When Facebook implemented the news feed, they set it as default view every time you log in so there's not much you can do to change that. Once you set it to live feed, it will stay that way until ... Read More »

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On Facebook what's the difference between "Live Feed" and "News Feed"?

Live Feed is just whatever is happening right that moment. The latest happenings.News Feed is like big uploads, your preferences of what to see (if you have those settings), and what's popular rece... Read More »

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How to Increase My Mafia Size in Mafia Wars?

"Mafia Wars," an online game available on the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook, lets you live out the fantasy of being a mobster without the worry of getting arrested. Perform hits on r... Read More »

How to Win at "Mafia Wars"?

Mafia Wars is a fun game that is played online through your Facebook or MySpace account. Best of all, it's free. Here's how to play so that you get really good, level up quickly, and carve a place ... Read More »