How do I fix door locks that stick?

Answer Slightly StuckPlace the key on a piece of paper, and rub the key with a graphite pencil. Insert the key into the lock, pulling it out and putting it back in a few times. Turn the key to lubricate t... Read More »

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My memory card is locking itself i unlock it but then i stick it back in the camera and it locks again?

It's extremely unlikely that this is true. Having used both cameras, the Canon is FAR AND AWAY a better camera. However, megapixels have little to nothing to do with sharpness. Most likely, what ... Read More »

Are car door locks secure?

On One Hand: Modern Locks Are Hard to BreakModern car door locks are much more difficult to outsmart than old fashioned locks that can be undone with a coat hanger and the proper know how. When you... Read More »

How to Add Power Door Locks?

Adding power door locks to a vehicle is a time consuming yet worthwhile process. Installing power door locks allows a modern convenience to be used in an older style vehicle. Most power locks also ... Read More »

How to Replace Car Door Locks?

The car door lock on the driver side door gets used more than the twin on the passenger side. When the lock quits working, it needs to be replaced. Here are the steps to replace car door locks.