How do I fix decking wood that is feathering& splintering?

Answer Basic MethodStart by removing any large splinters by pulling them up from the loose end until they break off. Then sand the deck with coarse grit sandpaper until you've scoured down to a layer of g... Read More »

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How to Glue Composite Wood Decking?

Manufacturers make composite decking products from plastics and wood to form a long-lasting, durable surface. Composite wood decks resist rot, warping, splintering and insect damage. Composite wood... Read More »

How do I lay wood decking over a cement patio?

A cement patio is practical but lacks the warmth and character of wood decking. Installing decking over discolored or cracked cement is easier and more attractive than attempting cement patio repai... Read More »

How do I seal knotty wood decking?

Prepare the DeckRemove all items from the deck. Cover all vegetation with drop cloths to avoid damage from the cleaner or sealant. Spray the surface down with water from a garden hose.Clean the Dec... Read More »

How do I clean marks off of new wood decking?

Use a solution of oxygen bleach to clean marks off of new wood. Mix a solution with warm water. The amount of bleach you use will depend upon the concentration. Use it to scrub the area with a scru... Read More »