How do I fix an Etch a Sketch?

Answer Pull off the Etch a Sketch knobs then pry off the red top cover with a precision or watch makers screw driver. The black thin underside is actually the Etch a Sketch workings. Loosen the hot glue a... Read More »

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How do i etch a sketch?

Twist the right knob to manipulate the stylus up and down.Turn the left knob to move the stylus from left to right.Use a combination of both the right and left knobs simultaneously to navigate the ... Read More »

When was the Etch A Sketch invented?

Andre Cassagnes, a French electrician, had the idea for the Etch A Sketch in 1955, calling his creation the "Telecran." The Ohio Art Company bought the Etch A Sketch design in the late 1950s. The E... Read More »

How to Master the Etch a Sketch?

The Etch-A-Sketch is widely known as a children's toy, but did you know that it could be used for much more? Etch-A-Sketch is becoming increasingly popular as an art form. With just time and practi... Read More »

How do I install Etch a Sketch?

Find a SourceVisit Yahoo Games and download the Etch a Sketch game, which gives you two character games and two drawing activities. Decide whether you want to buy the full version of the game or tr... Read More »