How do I fix a tanning oil soaked cell phone?

Answer Removing the BatteryTake the back off the cell phone and remove the battery and any SIM card. Do not take the extra time to turn the phone off with the power button because you need to prevent the ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Soaked Cell Phone?

The only thing worse than getting water in your cell phone is not drying it out quickly. The longer water remains inside, the more likely the chance that the phone is history. Saving a wet cell pho... Read More »

K, so my new cell phone got soaked...?

All you need to do is lay out the battery like you said and the phone itself so over night it can dry out. I dropped my phone in a creek and it worked after laying it out for a night or two. So all... Read More »

Hey I got my phone soaked I heard rumors about microwaving your phone. Could you do that to revive it?

Absolutely not. Its merely something someone wants you to do for fun. Inside your cell phone are a bunch of highly sensitive electronics, sticking it in the microwave will cause electrons to spark ... Read More »

What Happens to an Egg That Has Soaked in Vinegar Then Is Soaked in Karo Syrup Overnight?

Eggs have more than one use. Eggs can also teach us science. Do not eat any food, including eggs used in science experiments. Eggshells can evaporate through chemical reactions. Making eggs contr... Read More »