How do I fix a paper jam when there are no papers jammed in the printer?

Answer Best thing to do is take the toner out, sometimes the paper can be stuck under there, also although you can not see the paper jam look very closely where the ink goes and see if its there. After th... Read More »

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My printer keeps saying "Paper is jammed"?

Remove the paper. Move your paper holder back and then to the paper.Look inside the roller to see if anything is caught in there.If all else fails, pull the plug and start over.

What to do with a paper jammed printer?

When paper misfeeds & doesn't reach certain paper sensors, it will often give that kind of error. You have a few possible problems. 1) The paper pickup/feed rollers are dirty or worn & are not pick... Read More »

How to Get Notebook Paper Out of a Jammed Printer?

Printer paper is specifically designed for use in printers. If you use paper that is not designed to make its way through the many rollers and other internal parts of a printer, the printer can ver... Read More »

Need Quick Help With a Paper-Jammed Printer!?

A good general rule for clearing printer jams is to carefully open each plastic cover that you can possibly open, and look closely for any shredded / jammed / misaligned paper. If you find some, s... Read More »