How do I fix a "No input Signal"?

Answer If the motherboard as on-board graphics make sure that is not active you can deactivate from the can test by plugging in the monitor to the on-board graphics and see f it works

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My moniter says no input signal?

Could be a number of things.Have you tried booting in Safe Mode?If it works, change your screen resolution to something smaller.

No signal input when i turn on my computer?

It could just be a loose cable, check both sides make sure they are nice and snug and if you are plugging your moniter into a graphics card open up your computer and make sure it is connected.

Why do i recieve the message '' No Input Signal '' when turning on the Pc?

Two possibilities:a) Something is not properly affixed, in which case you need to check your cables again.b) You may have been too rough when reconnecting the monitor and dislodged the video card f... Read More »

Why would my computer monitor is black and says "no signal input" everything else is on?

From the onset there could be dozens of reasons why, but I will go over a few I can think of right now.1. Monitor is defective and is not registering input the VGA plug may have been defective or b... Read More »