How do I fish for Kokanee salmon?

Answer LocationDo your research on the Kokanee salmon. They are originally found in land-locked fresh water on the Pacific Coast, in Siberia and in Japan. Today they can be found in many trout fisheries i... Read More »

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How do I fish for salmon in New York's Salmon River?

Time the RunVisit New York's Salmon River during prime spawning season. Spawning runs of steelhead, coho and king salmon are short-lived, perhaps a month each. After living most of their lives in L... Read More »

How to Fish for Salmon on the Salmon River in New York?

New York's Salmon River is a popular location for anglers looking to catch chinook or coho salmon. In fact, the current world record coho was caught in the Salmon River. The river is restocked ever... Read More »

How do i ice fish for salmon?

Accessing the waterDrill or chip a hole in the ice using an ice auger or an ice spud. Make sure to make the hole large enough to pull your fish out of if using a spud, about six- to eight-inch diam... Read More »

Is salmon fish?

Salmon is indeed fish. In fact, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game states that the Chinook salmon is one of the most important sport and commercial fish native to North America's Pacific coast.... Read More »