How do I find what batteries a calculator has?

Answer Flip the calculator over so the buttons are facing down. Open the battery panel on the calculator by pressing down the plastic tab and lifting the panel or unscrewing it using a screw driver; this ... Read More »

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How to Find Your Way Around a TI-83/84 Calculator?

Being able to find your way around the TI-83 or TI-84 calculator quickly will help you solve math problems faster. That's because there are more than 70 keys, several different key modes, scores of... Read More »

Where do I find the calculator on my PC?

If you have Windows XP click Start and go to All Programs, then click on Accessories and it's on that drop down list. You can make the caculator basic or scientific by changing the options on the ... Read More »

How to Find the Best TI Calculator?

Buying a calculator without researching the best option could result in wasted money, or worse, improper preparedness for a class or a test. Texas Instruments (TI) has an extensive line of graphing... Read More »

How to Find Circumference on a Calculator?

The circumference is the length measurement around a circle, and it is one of the measurements that relates to the size of that circle. Calculation of the circumference depends on pi, a math consta... Read More »