How do I find the value of a $20 gold piece?

Answer Talk to a Coin DealerTake your gold coin to a coin collector or dealer. Dealers will look at different features of the coin to determine its value. Some of these features include the date, a mint m... Read More »

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How much weight is a fifty dollar gold piece?

A United States fifty dollar gold piece weighs 33.93 grams and contains one ounce of gold. The coin is composed of 91.7 percent gold, three percent silver and 5.3 percent copper.References:Coin Fac... Read More »

What the most rick from pawn stars has ever spent on a sngle piece of gold?

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First, call the emergency services (ambulance and medics).First AidDo not try to remove the piece of glass. If the patient is standing, get the person to sit or lay down. Wrap a towel around the gl... Read More »

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