How do I find the history of a last name?

Answer There is often much to find hidden within a last name. You can discover your own family history, your geographical roots, your ethnic background, what your ancestors were like and how they spent th... Read More »

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What is the history of the last name Hall?

There are many possible origins of the surname Hall. The most likely origin is from the old Norse "hale" and Anglo-Saxon "haele", both meaning "hero." It could also possibly come from the Norwegian... Read More »

What is the history of the last name Alvarez?

According to Surname Database, Alvarez is of Spanish and Portuguese origins and was handed down from ancient German tribes called Goths or Vizigoths. Also spelled Alvares, Alvar, Alvaro, Alves and ... Read More »

How to Find Out the Last Time Your Internet History Was Deleted?

The Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers all store certain bits of information about every website you visit. Each time you access a page, the software logs t... Read More »

3 years ago my dad found out he had a 21 year old son we dont no his last name or any relatives or anything about him but we know his mom and his first name how can we find him?

You can find him by going to http:/ but you would have to pay like $4.00 to get his information. Or you can go to google and type in 'how to locate someone' or something. The on... Read More »