How do I find the default android reader .apk?

Answer No such thing as "android default reader". Do you mean Google Reader, the RSS app?

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How to Default a PDF to Use Acrobat Instead of Reader?

Changing the default program settings on your computer for a particular file type is an easy process for Windows and Mac OS X users. This is known as associating a file format with a specific progr... Read More »

How to Change the Default Font in Adobe Reader 9?

Changing the font in Adobe Reader 9 is possible—to an extent. While you can make simple modifications like changing the background color of the document and changing the default color that text i... Read More »

Wat is the adobe reader on my Android?

You use Adobe Reader to read PDF documents.

Can i make my sd card the default storage on my android?

storge setting. RECOVERY HINT go to contacts and export to SD card