How do I find the History on my Computer?

Answer Click the search engine bar and start typing any word that you have in question. If any are sex sites, they will pop-up automatically. Second, you can go to start and click search, then all files a... Read More »

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How do I find the Internet history on my computer?

Turn your computer on and launch your Web browser. Locate the "Ctrl" key at the bottom of your keyboard. Press it and hold it down. Now press the "H" key. A side window with a detailed history of y... Read More »

How to Find Deleted Emails from Computer History?

An email message's Delete button is close to several other important buttons: Send and Save, for example. If you press Delete by mistake, that message could be gone in one click. Your computer will... Read More »

On my desktop computer it records the history of sites visted under My Computer. Can I turn this off?

Go to the control panel and open Internet Options. Under Browsing History open settings. Under history, set days to keep pages in history to zero. When you close the browser, the history will be cl... Read More »

What is the best way to eliminate tracking history. Or even having a tracking history on my computer?