How do I find stolen iPods through iTunes?

Answer Itunes Has Your iPod InformationLog into your iTunes store on a computer. Put in your account number and password. Go to the "Help" menu. Click on the "Diagnostics" tab. Then click on" iPod Diagnos... Read More »

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Do u really need itunes 4 ipods?

No, actually a lot of computer media programs can put music on iPods. I use the free version of Winamp with my iPod. I like Winamp better because iTunes takes up so much of my computer's memory w... Read More »

How to Use Two Different iPods in iTunes?

Whether you live in a house with multiple people who each have their own iPods, but only one household computer, or you yourself have two different iPod devices, it is easy to upload your library, ... Read More »

How do you run 2 ipods on itunes?

Well, if you have Windows XP, you know in the beginning of turning on your computer it has a box with a name and you click on it to get to your desktop?Well, under your control panel go to "User Ac... Read More »

How many iPods can you register on iTunes?

You can register an unlimited number of iPods with iTunes. When using multiple iPods, it is important to create a separate iTunes library for each iPod. You can set up iTunes to update each iPod yo... Read More »